It ain’t so bad!

Whoa! I am in my 3rd week of vegan eating! Where has the time gone? One thing I have learned in my day job is that it takes 21 days to create a habit. It is a pretty well known method called the 4 disciplines of execution. It has been 16 days of my NEW habit and it is going GREAT. I feel that it is already a habit of my life to eat this way. I enjoy it and it feels wonderful knowing that I can/am doing it well! For anyone that is staying away from vegan eating because you think its to hard, trust me, if I can do it ANYONE can. I had been eating meat for nearly my whole life prior to this new adventure. Give it the 21 days it deserves and you will notice a drastic change within yourself and the way you see things. The cleaner the food that enters your body, the cleaner your body and mind feels. 

The NEXT step of my adventure is the bodybuilding piece. I have been out of the gym for a VERY long time and the pictures I will post of my “starting body” next week will show just how out of shape I have gotten. Why am I waiting until next week to post pictures you may ask. July 1st is my goal date for entering the gym again after a ~4 year hiatus and I wanted to document my real start. I will post frequent update pics too in an effort to show just how quickly the changes take place. Obviously if you try this yourself your mileage may vary. Do not forget that I did lift with a goal of bodybuilding years ago. My base was already there and quite large, I anticipate muscle memory to be good to me! We will all see! (Bring back my big 19.5″ Guns!)

Thanks for following along with this adventure that my brother and I are joining in. I cant wait to show myself and the world that this is doable!



No Skinny Vegans!

I manged to get some pictures taken of me over the weekend.  I am not totally psyched with my progress, but it is satisfactory.  When I started lifting weights in October 2012 I weighed 140 pounds.  Last time I checked my weight it was bouncing at the 170 mark.

I know that this is not all muscle.  Before I came back from India last year I bought some very nice pants.  By the end of December the pants no longer fit me.  I did not just out grow the waist, but my legs can hardly fit into the skinny things. It feels so good out growing clothes.  I can not remember the feeling especially from my adult life.  I have been wearing the same pants that I got before I started college up until last winter; not any more.

I have always had a problem eating.  If I could go without eating I would love it.  Eating is a hassle and takes too much of my time.  Though my life revolves around the growing of food I really wish I could  thrive without actually having to consume any.  With that being said I eat a lot and seeming all the time.  I do not want to out line my diet in this post but I think I am getting close to 4000 calories a day.  Each meal I see something else that could be added to get a little more calories but it takes time to build up the amount of food that can be consumed .

The meals that add the most to my frame are my amazing green super smoothies.  To create:

2 mangoes (my tree is rocking right now)

1 banana

1/3 cup hulled raw sunflower seed

3 tbs hemp seed

1 tbs coconut oil

Many leaves chocolate mint

a hand full of sunflower sprouts

Throw all of this in a vitamix or nutribullet, let it rip and then get ripped.


My Muscles 1 My Muscles 2 My Muscles 3 My Muscles 4


Is it supposed to be like this?!?

Vegan is great! Let me explain myself in a bit more detail though!

It has been only a bit more than a week since I took on a vegan diet. The first few days were a bit difficult while at work, but at home was a piece of cake (Oooooooo Cake!). I need to get a bit more creative in what I cook, but so far im loving how I feel! I still haven’t taken the time to weigh myself and don’t really care to before I get back into the gym (the goal for that is still July 1st). I am sure I have lost weight though, not just because I feel lighter, but because people are already telling me I look different. To touch on that, I FEEL different. I cant completely explain it but there is a sense of more clarity in my day to day life. It is a great feeling and I cant wait to see what many more weeks, months, and years will bring.

There is, however, some MAJOR detoxing going on in my body. I wont get all graphic for the followers reading this blog, but I would say if you’ve been a long time meat eater, get ready for a few days of detoxification and make sure a bathroom is nearby! The competition with my 2 boxer dogs over who can make the biggest stink is pretty fierce in the house. Totally feeling sorry for my girlfriend!

One other little detail, I have noticed that some cravings I used to have are now gone. The biggest craving being the constant want for crap sugars. I do still eat some things with coconut sugar and/or cane sugar, but I am lessening my intake daily.

I will leave y’all with one last little thing! My yummy breakfast that I’ve been eating for my work days!

1 cup of organic slow cook oats

1/4 cup of an organic trail mix (usually one with many almonds, sunflower seeds, dates, and raisins in it)

1 teaspoon of organic coconut sugar

1 and 1/4 cup of water

I let this sit on the counter overnight covered (I don’t cook it)

Taste is awesome and very filling! Helps me get through the long days of running my ass off for cars in my day job.


Vegan. No problem!

If someone were to ask me who was my biggest inspiration to “go vegan” is would be my big brother.  I have been vegetarian for the majority of my life.  J.P. and I both grew up in a house where our mother was vegan and father ate as he liked.  We had influences in both directions but one thing that was for sure, crap food could rarely be found in our home.

My mother has been vegan before I can remember. I would have kept eating the occasional cheese and homemade yogurt and scoffed when I heard that I should do otherwise.  I did not give up diary due to any physical intolerance of it; the environmental and social impacts seemed much more intolerable.  I made a challenge to my brother half-jokingly as he was leaving Florida on his vacation; I said that if he were to go vegan I would do the same.  When I heard that he was giving up meat as of last week it was bitter sweet.  I was thrilled that my meaty bro was going veggy, but I was sad that I would have to give up dairy.

Funny thing about this is that I made the switch before my bro.  I got a miscommunicated message from my mother that he had his last meat meal last Thursday.  I started Friday morning officially though I had not had any dairy for a few days.  Today when writing this I realized I could have eaten some expensive blue cheese over the weekend.  I am not too disappointed.

I write more soon.  I will include the things that I have been eating, my workouts, and even some pictures of my progress.  I have been lifting  weights since I got back from India in October of 2012.  I have gone from 140 to 170 pounds.  I weigh more than I ever have before.  Though I am not as strong as I was in high school I am thicker and more muscled than ever. There is still a long way to go, but I am pleased  and happy with the progress.  Now eating plant based I will be able to approach my physical goals with a clearer mind and hopefully healthier body


Eating like a Vegan…The beginning.

Today, June 10th, was day *1* of my Vegan eating journey. I already know I need to tweak and create meal plans for myself in order to get it on track for the “big picture” goal. On Saturday, as I was visiting my favorite quick breakfast and coffee spot with Daina, I spoke briefly with the dude at the counter. He has been a vegan for 6 years and the first thing he said to me was “Prepare to be hungry all the time”. I have noticed some truth to that today. I do know that with proper meal planning it shouldn’t be an issue and I wont be in a state of constant hunger. 

Overall I will say that day 1 was fairly easy. I have been slowly weening myself off of the mass consumption of meat the last 2 weeks and I do believe that helped. No weird cravings or anything, we shall see how it progresses though. I remember when I quit eating dairy about a year ago now I felt like a crack head coming off the rock. That was actually so bad that I thought I was going to die one night as I had cold sweats and shivers. Here’s hoping that coming off of a meat addiction isn’t as troublesome. I am psyched for what is ahead though and cant wait to get in the gym and prove to myself that bodybuilding can be done without the animal products that are commonly used. 

If you all are expecting progress pictures, you will get them. If you expect a *starting* picture…you’ll have to follow along, that picture will come when I feel I am close to competition ready and not a day earlier. I will however show some 30, 60, 90 day progress shots and more ONCE I start in the gym and not a minute sooner. 

Follow along and get inspired. Get up, make changes and do something for yourself. Its OK to be selfish sometimes especially when it comes to your health. 


First Post – A New Life Adventure

This is MY first post to this blog…notice the “MY” in this because if you read the blog address its the vegan bodybuilding BROTHERS. My younger brother and I decided that it would be a good, fun way to compete with one another if we had a contest. We would both eat completely vegan and would workout in an attempt to do a bodybuilding competition. We have yet to decide a particular show to enter in but that will come in time. 

I want to give a tiny bit of background on my knowledge in the weightlifting world and bodybuilding in general. I first took a stab at bodybuilding back in 2005, where I spent about 2 years in the gym testing out different workout routines and diets. At the time I managed to bring my 6’2″, 168 pound frame to a whopping 225 pounds. I can not give exact measurements because I lost all of my log books. I remember my arms measured 19 and 3/4 inch and waist measured 34 inches. I cant even try to guess other measurements but I was pretty excited about how big I was at the time. 

Life took hold and I spent more time working then working out and more time eating junk then anything even remotely good for me. Needless to say I am now sitting at 225 pounds but nowhere even close to the shape I once was.

This blog will follow my diet challenges (I am currently a proud meat eating dude) but I realize that meat isn’t really all that great for me to be ingesting in such quantities daily. Drastic changes will surely come, pictures will come, recipes I learn and meals I eat through the days will also appear. I may even toss in some of my favorite workout routines when I get back in the gym. 

The current plan is to start my VEGAN diet journey June 10th 2013 and my jump back into the gym on July 1st 2013. My writing will become less scattered and more focused. You will also be blessed with plenty of writings of my brother Daniel. I am JP and blog posts will be signed accordingly in a simple way demonstrated below.