First Post – A New Life Adventure

This is MY first post to this blog…notice the “MY” in this because if you read the blog address its the vegan bodybuilding BROTHERS. My younger brother and I decided that it would be a good, fun way to compete with one another if we had a contest. We would both eat completely vegan and would workout in an attempt to do a bodybuilding competition. We have yet to decide a particular show to enter in but that will come in time. 

I want to give a tiny bit of background on my knowledge in the weightlifting world and bodybuilding in general. I first took a stab at bodybuilding back in 2005, where I spent about 2 years in the gym testing out different workout routines and diets. At the time I managed to bring my 6’2″, 168 pound frame to a whopping 225 pounds. I can not give exact measurements because I lost all of my log books. I remember my arms measured 19 and 3/4 inch and waist measured 34 inches. I cant even try to guess other measurements but I was pretty excited about how big I was at the time. 

Life took hold and I spent more time working then working out and more time eating junk then anything even remotely good for me. Needless to say I am now sitting at 225 pounds but nowhere even close to the shape I once was.

This blog will follow my diet challenges (I am currently a proud meat eating dude) but I realize that meat isn’t really all that great for me to be ingesting in such quantities daily. Drastic changes will surely come, pictures will come, recipes I learn and meals I eat through the days will also appear. I may even toss in some of my favorite workout routines when I get back in the gym. 

The current plan is to start my VEGAN diet journey June 10th 2013 and my jump back into the gym on July 1st 2013. My writing will become less scattered and more focused. You will also be blessed with plenty of writings of my brother Daniel. I am JP and blog posts will be signed accordingly in a simple way demonstrated below.



2 thoughts on “First Post – A New Life Adventure

  1. This is truly an amazing journey that I look forward to following. Just remember that all of the nutrition knowledge lies within because it is how you started in life. What a great example for others. Especially now when obesity is soon to be the number 1 killer. Looking forward to following along with this journey!

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