Vegan. No problem!

If someone were to ask me who was my biggest inspiration to “go vegan” is would be my big brother.  I have been vegetarian for the majority of my life.  J.P. and I both grew up in a house where our mother was vegan and father ate as he liked.  We had influences in both directions but one thing that was for sure, crap food could rarely be found in our home.

My mother has been vegan before I can remember. I would have kept eating the occasional cheese and homemade yogurt and scoffed when I heard that I should do otherwise.  I did not give up diary due to any physical intolerance of it; the environmental and social impacts seemed much more intolerable.  I made a challenge to my brother half-jokingly as he was leaving Florida on his vacation; I said that if he were to go vegan I would do the same.  When I heard that he was giving up meat as of last week it was bitter sweet.  I was thrilled that my meaty bro was going veggy, but I was sad that I would have to give up dairy.

Funny thing about this is that I made the switch before my bro.  I got a miscommunicated message from my mother that he had his last meat meal last Thursday.  I started Friday morning officially though I had not had any dairy for a few days.  Today when writing this I realized I could have eaten some expensive blue cheese over the weekend.  I am not too disappointed.

I write more soon.  I will include the things that I have been eating, my workouts, and even some pictures of my progress.  I have been lifting  weights since I got back from India in October of 2012.  I have gone from 140 to 170 pounds.  I weigh more than I ever have before.  Though I am not as strong as I was in high school I am thicker and more muscled than ever. There is still a long way to go, but I am pleased  and happy with the progress.  Now eating plant based I will be able to approach my physical goals with a clearer mind and hopefully healthier body



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