Is it supposed to be like this?!?

Vegan is great! Let me explain myself in a bit more detail though!

It has been only a bit more than a week since I took on a vegan diet. The first few days were a bit difficult while at work, but at home was a piece of cake (Oooooooo Cake!). I need to get a bit more creative in what I cook, but so far im loving how I feel! I still haven’t taken the time to weigh myself and don’t really care to before I get back into the gym (the goal for that is still July 1st). I am sure I have lost weight though, not just because I feel lighter, but because people are already telling me I look different. To touch on that, I FEEL different. I cant completely explain it but there is a sense of more clarity in my day to day life. It is a great feeling and I cant wait to see what many more weeks, months, and years will bring.

There is, however, some MAJOR detoxing going on in my body. I wont get all graphic for the followers reading this blog, but I would say if you’ve been a long time meat eater, get ready for a few days of detoxification and make sure a bathroom is nearby! The competition with my 2 boxer dogs over who can make the biggest stink is pretty fierce in the house. Totally feeling sorry for my girlfriend!

One other little detail, I have noticed that some cravings I used to have are now gone. The biggest craving being the constant want for crap sugars. I do still eat some things with coconut sugar and/or cane sugar, but I am lessening my intake daily.

I will leave y’all with one last little thing! My yummy breakfast that I’ve been eating for my work days!

1 cup of organic slow cook oats

1/4 cup of an organic trail mix (usually one with many almonds, sunflower seeds, dates, and raisins in it)

1 teaspoon of organic coconut sugar

1 and 1/4 cup of water

I let this sit on the counter overnight covered (I don’t cook it)

Taste is awesome and very filling! Helps me get through the long days of running my ass off for cars in my day job.



2 thoughts on “Is it supposed to be like this?!?

    • Wow j! I’m inspired…….not only by what you,re doing…but by your writing. Liking the clarity of mind too!

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