No Skinny Vegans!

I manged to get some pictures taken of me over the weekend.  I am not totally psyched with my progress, but it is satisfactory.  When I started lifting weights in October 2012 I weighed 140 pounds.  Last time I checked my weight it was bouncing at the 170 mark.

I know that this is not all muscle.  Before I came back from India last year I bought some very nice pants.  By the end of December the pants no longer fit me.  I did not just out grow the waist, but my legs can hardly fit into the skinny things. It feels so good out growing clothes.  I can not remember the feeling especially from my adult life.  I have been wearing the same pants that I got before I started college up until last winter; not any more.

I have always had a problem eating.  If I could go without eating I would love it.  Eating is a hassle and takes too much of my time.  Though my life revolves around the growing of food I really wish I could  thrive without actually having to consume any.  With that being said I eat a lot and seeming all the time.  I do not want to out line my diet in this post but I think I am getting close to 4000 calories a day.  Each meal I see something else that could be added to get a little more calories but it takes time to build up the amount of food that can be consumed .

The meals that add the most to my frame are my amazing green super smoothies.  To create:

2 mangoes (my tree is rocking right now)

1 banana

1/3 cup hulled raw sunflower seed

3 tbs hemp seed

1 tbs coconut oil

Many leaves chocolate mint

a hand full of sunflower sprouts

Throw all of this in a vitamix or nutribullet, let it rip and then get ripped.


My Muscles 1 My Muscles 2 My Muscles 3 My Muscles 4



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