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Tonight I am going to give y’all a look into the routine that I am doing on my gym days! I am going to list it out in its current form, a 5 day routine. Since I am just fresh back into the gym though I am only doing the 3 compound days. I have set it up to have isolated days once I am fully back into the swing of things. I am not trying to over do it right out of the gate. 

SO on to the routine!

Mondays: Squats, Barbell flat bench press, Barbell bent over row, Dumbbell Shrug, Cardio

Tuesdays(Isolated): Seated behind head tricep extension, Bench dip, Seated alt. dumbbell curls, Seated alt dumbbell hammer curls, Seated alt, Inner bicep curls, Standing barbell behind the back wrist curls, Seated dumbbell reverse wrist curls, Standing barbell calf raise, Seated machine calf raise, Lying leg raise, Oblique crunch, Decline crunch

Wednesday: Cleans(no press), Incline dumbbell bench press, Dumbbell bent over row, Stiff leg deadlift, Cardio

Thursday(Isolated): Barbell preacher curl, Reverse preacher car, Incline ez bar tricep extension, Barbell skullcrusher tricep extension, Seated barbell reverse wrist curl, Seated barbell wrist curl, Calf press, Dumbbell calf raise, Bicycle crunch, Lying leg raise

Friday: Pull Up, Decline bent arm dumbbell pullover, Standing barbell shoulder press, Deadlift, Cardio

You will notice some gaps aka listing just “cardio”. it is for you to decide what type of cardio you like to do so you can keep it fun. Reps X Sets is your choice as well. I have been doing 4 sets of 10 reps on the compound days and 2 sets of 10 reps on the isolated days. Do what works best for you. Experiment with different set x rep ranges. Overall though just have FUN doing it. 




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