A great meal! My Scramble!

Tonight I grace you all with a SUPER yummy dish that I make. I have not tried to cut it down to calories and what not because I don’t spend day in and day out counting them. This is my amazing “Scramble”

The items you will need:

Organic Sweet potatoes

Organic Yukon Gold or other potatoes

Sprouted Organic Tofu (Super Firm)

Organic Eggplant

Organic Tamari

Organic Coconut Oil

I am not saying the exact amount of each because it depends on the amount of scramble you want to make. I tend to use 1 sweet potato, 1 japanese sweet potato, 3 yukon gold potatoes, a whole brick of tofu,  and 1 eggplant. (Pictured you will see onion and garlic also used. There are so many variations to this amazing dish!)

All ingredients laid out and ready for cutting!


Mix it all together in a big bowl with lots of Tamari and about 2 tablespoons of melted coconut oil!


Let your tofu soak up some of that yummy Tamari!


Spread it all out on a baking tray! (Or 2)


Ready for the oven! (I like 400F for 30 minutes, mix around on tray and back in for another 20-30. This depends highly on how crispy you want it though)


Finished Product (Daina likes to put some ketchup on hers. I like to just sprinkle a little Himalayan salt on mine)


There you have it! My yummy scramble. I haven’t found a carnivore yet that doesn’t also enjoy this meal so don’t be afraid to share it with your meat eating buddies! I hope you all enjoy giving this a try. I know it isn’t exactly “bodybuilding” information, but hey we gotta eat to get big! I usually eat this with a BIG BIG salad. Get your grub on!



New Gym, New Month, New Apartment, New New New

Don’t forget about me y’all  I am finally all moved in to my new place with my amazing gf! Lots of stairs and boxes and unpacking and birthday festivities and I am back! Here’s the current plan:

Step 1 – Sign up for a new gym. The old one was NASTY and way to hard to park at unless we waited until after 8pm to get our butts in there. ACCOMPLISHED. We start at the new gym Monday the 9th and are psyched!

Step 2 – Get 100% situated in the new apartment. IN PROGRESS. We have a ways to go with this, but hope to be done with this by next week end. Moving is a PAIN!

Step 3 – Get cards made for my new business venture. Yes you heard that right! I am beyond done with the valet gig. Did the manager thing for 5 years and its not the life for me. After months of planning and researching I feel it is the right time to start my juicing business. My primary focus is to sell one to three day juice cleanses to people in need. I want to find a way to spread the good health to people and this is a great way to do just that. My business will be called  “JP’s Juiceology”. I plan to keep it word of mouth and a cash/Paypal only business while I get more capital together to setup shop somewhere. 

In regards to the bodybuilding focus, its still there. I am hopeful, despite my slow start, that I can be back to where I was in my twenties (strength wise) by year end. Lofty goal, yes, Achievable, yes. Bring on the weights!

That’s all for now guys and gals. Plan on reading weekly updates from me Tuesdays and Thursdays! (that was part of the steps up top that I just forgot to add in!)

-JP, The Juiceologist